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Bryakin Aleksey Leonidovich, Candidate of engineering sciences, head of programming department, research and production enterprise “Sensor” (Zarechny),
Kochkin Sergey Vyacheslavovich, Candidate of engineering sciences, head of sub-department of innovation analytics, Penza State University,
Kozhevnikov Vyacheslav Vladimirovich, Candidate of engineering sciences, assistant, sub-department of metalworking machine tools and complexes, Penza State University, 

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631.7, 53.082.14 


The article considers hardware and knoware of a two-dimensional sensor of displacement. The sensor works on a principle of measurement of absolute coordinates of an object without mechanical contact of the primary measuring transducer parts. The authors estimate the causes of errors. 

Key words

measurement of motion in absolute coordinates, noncontact sensing, two-dimensional measurements, measurements of displacement and angles, position sensor. 

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